Want to know more about our services?

Here are some of the questions we receive from our clients.

Do you charge for recycling services?
No, we do not charge for this service.
Do you provide containers in which we can place the material for recycling?
Yes, we can provide various containers, depending on the location, product and volume.
What happens to paper once it is shredded?
The shredded paper is baled and sent to a paper mill to be pulped. Thereafter:

  • office paper is recycled into office paper, tissue paper, paper towels and toilet paper.
  • corrugated cardboard is recycled into new cardboard and cereal boxes.
  • newspaper is recycled into egg cartons, newspaper, gift boxes, insulation and packing material.
What happens to products that are destroyed?
Where possible, recyclable material is recycled.
What else do you recycle?
In addition to office paper, cardboard and newspaper, we recycle books, magazines and certain plastic products.
What office waste don’t you recycle?
We do not recycle materials such as:

  • batteries
  • print cartridges
  • light bulbs
  • medical equipment
  • smoke detectors

Please visit www.ewasa.org to find out how to safely disposal of these items.

Is it not easier to dump paper?

Climate changes require all of us to take responsibility for proper waste disposal. Paper dumped at a landfill will decompose, causing methane gas to escape into the atmosphere. Methane is a highly toxic greenhouse gas. A single molecule is 21 times more harmful than carbon waste. The damage caused to our planet by this gas is catastrophic.

Are confidential documents / products secure during transportation?
All our vehicles are fully closed and have satellite tracking.
Do you provide onsite shredding services?
We provide onsite shredding through our sister company, iShred.
Do you provide secure containers in which to place confidential documentation that is to be destroyed?

Yes. Secure containers with seals are provided for the collection, storage and transportation of confidential documents.

What are benefits of recycling:
The benefits of recycling are numerous. You are:

  • helping to reduce our common carbon footprint
  • reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions
  • helping prevent global warming
  • preventing air and water pollution
  • saving the Earth’s natural resources
  • helping to create jobs.

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