Product destruction – preserving brand integrity

Sometimes the most effective manner to maintain the integrity and equity of a brand is through product destruction.

Why destroy a product?

There are several reasons to destroy a product:

  • modern business is highly competitive and less ethical operators may ply their trade as copycat operations, specialising in pumping counterfeit goods into the market at discounted prices.
  • trade mark infringements.
  • preventing branded products, e.g. packaging that has become redundant or discontinued, from ending up in the wrong hands, which would otherwise have dire consequences for your business.

Currently businesses may be destroying product either by landfilling, which may not be secure, or by burning the product, which is not an environmentally friendly practice.

Destruction by shredding

As a greener alternative to burning products, we shred them. We also recycle products, where possible, to help preserve our environment.

We shred:

  • branded packaging / promotional items
  • CDs, DVDs, server tapes, film cassettes and reels
  • prototypes (depending on material)
  • computer hard drives
  • certain redundant advertising materials
  • clothing

Product shredding is subject to prior scrutinising and approval for suitability for shredding on our equipment.

Through the proper destruction and disposal of products, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, help preserve the environment and protect their brand equity.

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