Recycling for a cleaner environment

In addition to our product destruction and disposal services, we also offer a range of environmentally-friendly recycling services to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and protect our environment for generations to come.

What do we recycle?

Our recycling services include:

  • the offsite shredding of documents and data (or onsite shredding through our sister company, iShred)
  • electronic waste (E-waste) recycling
  • waste paper, newspaper, books, magazine and cardboard recycling,
  • specialist recycling solutions for certain plastics, glass and clean used tins,
  • archive clearing.

If you’re not sure whether your business materials or redundant goods can be recycled, give us a call – we conduct free onsite evaluations to determine the most effective and efficient solution to suit your requirements.

We also strive to make recycling as easy as possible. Where required, we provide secure containers for onsite storage of confidential records that are no longer needed. These records are then taken to our site where they are shredded by our specially imported shredder and the shredded material is then fully recycled.

Recycling is not only good for your business and the environment, but also for your brand.

Be responsible – recycle!

Certificates of destruction are issued to clients who require these.

Click here or call 021 200 6002 to see how we can assist you!